Level up using these recommended resources

I've leaned on some great people and content to accelerate my marketing career. If you're looking for career growth, go no further than this list of recommendations. As I develop and launch courses in 2022, I'll be summarizing and synthesizing a lot of the content from this list. Until then, and especially if you have the time, the source material is worth every minute you'll spend on it.


I haven't read every book on this list but have heard good things from peers. Given that most of them cover multiple topics, the categorization below may be an imprecise labeling exercise :)


  • April Dunford - the author of the best book on positioning you'll ever read. Clear, brief, and strategic. I lucked into finding April's work on Twitter (I think) and then buying her book. Should be foundational reading for every marketer. All marketing and business books should be like April's.
  • Aleyda Solio - the creator behind LearningSEO.io which has become my go-to resource for all things SEO. Whenever I need to learn something new about SEO, I look up the topic here and almost always find clear guides on the topic.
  • Chris Walker (Refine labs) - the marketer and agency founder who is redefining b2b tech marketing. His LinkedIn posts and videos on dark social, attribution, creating demand, blended paid/organic approach, etc. have had a deep impact on how I think about, and support my team on, marketing and growth initiatives.
  • Dave Gerhardt - I bought the 10 laws of copy writing from Dave a few years ago and it was one of the best investments ever. Since then, he's gone independent and is expanding his marketing empire (courses, newsletters, books, groups) so follow him on LinkedIn!
  • Demand Curve (and Bell Curve) - the go-to resource for startups to learn growth. I somehow landed on Julian.com over the last couple of years and have loved everything about his personal guides. From there, I found out about Demand Curve (training program), Bell Curve (a marketing agency), GrowthTactics (Twitter account), and their weekly newsletters. It's an entire web of amazing content that's always on point.
  • MKT1 - an interesting advisory + venture firm from a couple of former marketers that also publishes a newsletter. I came across Emily's writing last year and it's become a go to resource when advising early stage companies on marketing (org, goals, etc.). Solid stuff.
  • Some honorable mentions that you might want to follow (I'm not an expert on their content but have seen promising content from them) — Steph Smith (content marketing), Amanda Natividad (general marketing), Kieran Flanagan (growth), Mayur Gupta (CMO, Gannett).